Oakville Ready!

Oakville is ready to weather any storm and be a better community together.

The Oakville Community Foundation is proud to announce that OakvilleReady has officially launched!

OakvilleReady is an initiative working to establish a network of resiliency hubs in order to better prepare Oakville neighbourhoods for extreme weather conditions, funded in part by The Foundation. The Halton Environmental Network in partnership with Faith and the Common Good and the Town of Oakville worked to create the program.

With the generous support of faith-based community organizations, a resiliency hub network has been established. The hub network engages diverse community stakeholders in order to increase community capacity and understanding around how we can work to support each other during extreme weather events.

This project received funding from The Foundation, born out of BeCause Oakville 2018: The Foundation’s granting program with the goal to fund solutions to key issues present in our community. The Foundation requested proposals from local charities to address these issues, with OakvilleReady fulfilling Oakville’s need for emergency shelters. The projects chosen were determined by The Foundation’s Fundholders (donors). The investment in these projects is substantive and can provide for multiple years of support.

The first four hours are the most important for the community when an emergency strikes,” Andy Glynn, Deputy Fire Chief, Emergency Management and Preparedness explained. “This program is key in eliminating anxiety felt by residents by allowing them to congregate in safe spaces where they can receive accurate information.

The OakvilleReady program launched on May 28th at the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre. The launch event gathered an enthusiastic crowd, who were met with an afternoon of speakers, learning and community engagement.

As Lisa Kohler, Executive Director of the Halton Environmental Network put it, “It takes a village, and this is our village.”

Let’s ensure that Oakville is Ready to weather any storm, visit http://oakvilleready.ca/ for more information.

To learn more about the Foundation’s granting, visit BeCause Oakville & Grants