Strategic Giving Made Easier


It’s time to GIVEOakville – Helping Make Charitable Giving Easier and More Strategic!

Welcome to GIVEOakville, an online-platform with more than 45 curated projects in need of your funding.

We know it sounds intriguing, but you’re probably wondering exactly what GIVEOakville is. Is this just another fundraising ploy? We all know that fundraising can be seen as all about the dollars, but we think it’s about the changes you can be a part of and the value you express when making a contribution.

What is GIVEOakville?

GIVEOakville showcases where the local needs lie and presents local charitable solutions in need of funding. The best part? It’s all in one place.

It has never been easier to find a project in need of funding that fits your passions and helps people in your own neighbourhood. There’s something for everyone in this catalogue, from food-focused to health-minded to even sending local kids to camp. It’s all at your fingertips. Plus,The Foundation has done the leg work and vetted each project against strict criteria. You can trust your donations will have a positive impact and be a big help to that charity. 

We know the amount of decision making that goes into making a donation, so we’ve laid out the information for you both digitally and printer-friendly. Feel free to peruse the projects directly on our catalogue, each easily recognizable with the charity name, project description and funding request.

Prefer the paper route? Feel free to print out our PDF catalogue here with the same information. Take it to your dinner table, make it your nightly reading or share it with friends who might also be interested!

We’d be remiss not to tell you that 100% of your donation goes directly to the charity of your choice, with all credit card fees absorbed by us, The Foundation. You also get an automatic tax receipt sent directly to your email with all donations of more than $20!

Make your first donation today by clicking here to access the GIVEOakville online catalogue

Pssst.….Join us for the next few weeks to learn about aspects of our inaugural public GIVEOakville campaign.