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GIVE it away: How GIVEOakville fits into your CSR, Social Purpose

We know that business leaders are focused on engaging the best talent possible.  But it’s for more than just intellect. In fact, according to the Randstad Workmonitor, 77% of Canadians said they only want to work for a company that has a strong corporate social responsibility program. Further, 55% of Canadians say that when looking for a new employer, it is important to them that the company participates in charitable and philanthropic initiatives. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Social Purpose, is a way for both small and large companies to enact social change alongside running their business. So congratulations and thank you! 

Giving with purpose, whether it’s financial, or leveraging your employee’s skills through voluntarism, it all matters. At the Oakville Community Foundation, we focus on how to help others give with purpose, with strategy and with impact. That’s why we’ve built GIVEOakville to help businesses like yours be able to access and tap into the knowledge of what is needed and who is providing these important services. 

GIVEOakville showcases more than 45 organizations’ projects that all address critical issues faced locally.  Whether your company has a CSR program or is looking to start one, GIVE Oakville is a great place to start. For those that have a CSR program in place, or social purpose statement, we bet there’s a charity that fits into your plan. For those that don’t, this is a great way to get to know charities helping the local community and define your strategy and purpose.

There are so many opportunities to use GIVEOakville in your CSR or as part of your social purpose, so we’ve compiled a list to show you just how easy it is:

  • Double down on one of our matching days! Make your contribution on November 29, December 6 or December 13 and take advantage of our matching dollars to specified charities
  • Create your own matching campaign by matching everything donated by your employees
  • Use the catalogue to determine what areas your employees are passionate about supporting
  • Use the catalogue to learn about pressing needs in our community

When you’re ready to donate, simply go to our online GIVEOakville catalogue and make your choice!

Interested in learning more or having someone speak to you or your employees?
Please contact: 

Sarah McPherson, Director – Philanthropy and Communications
t. 905-844-3562 x. 302