Through active participation in art, culture and heritage, children grow, learn and connect to their community. Strong community connections are recognized as important developmental assets for youth and child development.  The Oakville Community Foundation’s original research indicates that those with a strong sense of belonging in Oakville are 4 times more likely to attend an Arts, Culture or Heritage (ACH) event and 6 times more likely to participate in ACH activities. (Sense of Belonging: 2017)

Below is a list of all providers for programs being made available to Teachers for January 2018-June 2018.


Incorporated in 2009, ArtHouse provides professionally led accessible and innovative cost-free arts programs in Burlington, Milton and Oakville for children aged 7-17. Children without access to fee-related programs are considered first through the ArtHouse Front-of-the-Line Registration Policy.

Learn more about their programs and community involvement here.

Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton

The CCAH was established in 1977. Their mandate is to develop understanding and knowledge of other cultures. They do this by providing programs on culture, history, art, literature and music of Black and Caribbean cultures.

Learn more about their programs and community involvement here.


CRASH Rhythm

CRASH Rhythm is truly something unique. Founded by percussionist Hilary Whiskin, CRASH uses bucket drumming to engage and educate all ages and abilities in music. During an in-class session, students will experience a performance by Hilary, learn the basics of musical dynamics and note values as well take part in an interactive workshop where all questions are explored. The students will then write their own creative song using the techniques they have learned.

Learn more about CRASH Rhythm.

Moccasin Trail Indigenous Guides

Almost 60 kilometres of trails in Oakville provide insights into the town’s heritage and history including two Moccasin Trails that reside one on each of the river trails – Bronte Creek Heritage Trail (south) and 16 Mile Creek Heritage Trail (north). Indigenous Leaders from the Halton District School Board and Catholic District School Board help students learn stories, verses and other information relating to the land, water and sky and give visitors to the trail a deeper understanding of  local indigenous history.

Learn more about the recent program funded through Canada 150 Project click here

Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts

The Mission of The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts is to provide Oakville residents with a place to learn about themselves and the world around them through dance, music, storytelling and theatre.

Oakville Chamber Orchestra

The Oakville Chamber Orchestra (OCO), founded in 1984, has presented ensemble music in intimate settings for many tens of thousands of appreciative audience members. From rare gems to favourite classics and contemporary compositions, the OCO has grown to become both well-loved and highly regarded for excellence.

Learn more about their programs and community involvement here.

Oakville Chinese Network (OCN)

The Oakville Chinese Network Society (OCN) was incorporated and registered as a non-profit on September 17, 2012. The OCN was established to promote and preserve Chinese culture and provide opportunities for Chinese-Canadians to understand Chinese culture; to assist Chinese newcomers in Oakville; and to become a liaison for other organizations in order to develop a harmonious community in Oakville.

Oakville Galleries

Oakville Galleries is a not-for-profit contemporary art museum engaging communities throughout Oakville, and wider audiences regionally, nationally and internationally. They are driven by a belief in the singular power of art and artists to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our communities and move us toward a better world.  Learn about their vast programs and collection here

Oakville Museum

This is Oakville’s community museum and it is set in the historic buildings of Erchless Estate, previously home to Oakville’s founding family. Colonel William Chisholm, an enterprising merchant and shipbuilder, founded the town and built Erchless overlooking his new harbour and Lake Ontario.

Visit their website for more information.

Oakville Museum – Underground Railway

Although lesser known as an extension of the Underground Railroad than other towns such as Amherstburg, Buxton, Chatham, Dresden, Hamilton, Kingston, Niagara Falls, Toronto, St. Catharines and Windsor, the Town of Oakville was the gateway to Canada for many African Americans, as early as the 1830s.

Visit their website for more information.

Oakville Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1967 by local musician and educator Kenneth Hollier, with a mission statement to “make music for the pleasure of its members and the enjoyment of its audience”, the Oakville Symphony has certainly achieved this goal. The orchestra now has over eighty volunteer musicians, plus 11 professionals providing leadership and inspiration. Performances by talented young soloists as well as established guest artists are featured in each concert.

Learn more about their programs and community involvement here

Queen Elizabeth Park Cultural and Community Centre (QEPCCC)

This one-of-a-kind, multi-use facility features more than 144,000 square feet of activity space, making it one of the largest venues in Canada to house a diverse collection of artistic, cultural and active living program opportunities, and cultural organizations.

Visit their website for more details