For Nathan, an active 14 year old with cerebral palsy and hearing loss, being treated differently and isolated at school is an everyday reality. Thankfully, Easter Seals Camp is something he can look forward to, and is a place where he fits in. “I’ve built friendships with kids I see every year, and I learn new things like survival skills when we sleep out in yurts, and cooking skills when we make brownies and cookies in the life-skills kitchen,” he says. “These are the memories I’m going to remember in the future”.

Send a Kid to Camp is an Easter Seals initiative that provides financial subsidies for children in Oakville whose families cannot otherwise afford the cost of sending them to a fully accessible camp. Giving kids like Nathan the chance to challenge themselves, build self-esteem and develop rewarding leadership skills that will have a positive, lifelong impact is what Send a Kid to Camp is all about. Most importantly, these camps give children and youth the chance to make new friends and just be kids.

Together with similar organizations, Easter Seals Ontario was able to send 808 children and youth with physical disabilities to Camp Woodeden and Camp Merrywood in 2016. These camps offer a wide range of exciting programs led by a team of specially trained staff. Thanks to the help of 31 volunteers, all of these kids were able to enjoy an exceptional summer!

For 4 kids from Oakville struggling with physical disabilities and in need of financial assistance, the gift of attending a fully accessible summer camp was made possible by a contribution from the Oakville Community Foundation. Help a child conquer their fears. Contribute to the Vital Community Fund and Send a Kid to Camp this year. Learn more at theocf.org


  • 53% of disabled kids have no friends (Strengthening Communities for Canadian Children with Disabilities, Dr. Anne Snowdon).
  • 78% of parents said their children don’t participate regularly in community programs, siting cost as a big factor (Strengthening Communities for Canadian Children with Disabilities, Dr. Anne Snowdon).
Easter Seals Infographic