Rotherglen Children’s REACH Foundation Campaign

Each year, Rotherglen’s Grade 8 Students are tasked with the challenge to research and raise funds for an organization whose mission it is to help others in our community. This year, class 8R, Mr. Racioppo’s class, has chosen to support Safetynet Children and Youth Charities.Class 8R’s campaign will run from Monday, December 12 to 16th.Safetynet relies on community donations to provide free wrap-around services to financially disadvantaged families. Safetynet Children and Youth Charities is a registered Canadian charity.
Each year, our Grade 8 students work collaboratively in our Leadership Program in a culminating activity known as the Grade Eight Legacy Project. Each Leadership class researches and determines a charitable organization they wish to support. The students then plan and implement a schoolwide event to bring attention to the organization’s cause and to raise funds for the organization as a whole. The Grade Eight Legacy Project allows our students to take their first steps into the important work of engaging in positive community investment.
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