Are you prepared to talk with your clients about their philanthropic plans? About the local causes and issues they care about? The legacy they want to create – for themselves and their children – in support of those issues?

If not, it’s time to get ready to talk with your clients about charitable gift planning:

  • There is a huge transfer of wealth coming in the next generation and parents want to help their children to have active roles in their local communities.
  • Oakville is a diverse community and immigrant families are increasingly looking for ways to support local needs.
  • With 84% of Canadians contributing to charity on an annual basis, charitable giving is becoming an increasingly important part of your client’s overall financial plan.
Why you should discuss philanthropy with your clients: benefits to advisors

Helping your clients realize their philanthropic goals and ideas allows you to provide more complete service  as part of a total financial or legal plan, which your clients will appreciate. When you understand the local issues, and the work being done to address them, you’ll build greater respect and trust along the way.

Here’s a workbook to help guide your discussions

Here are a few excellent times to discuss philanthropy with your clients:

  • During tax planning
  • During estate planning
  • When your clients receive an inheritance
  • At the time of a business sale

Talking about charitable giving: benefits to your clients

Why is it important to understand and talk about charitable giving with your clients? The many benefits of philanthropic planning include:

  • Legacy building
  • Tax savings
  • Meaningful focus during retirement
  • Passing values to a younger generation
  • Supporting causes
  • Restructuring existing giving to have a greater impact for both the donor and recipient

The Oakville Community Foundation can help you serve your clients

We can guide and support you through important conversations that your clients want to have.

  • Do your clients give to more than one charitable cause?
  • Are they considering a private foundation, but are concerned about cost and administrative complexity?
  • Would they like to stay personally involved in the use of their gift dollars?
  • Do they want to receive maximum tax benefit for their charitable contribution under federal law?
  • Do they place a priority on sound financial management of their contributions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Oakville Community Foundation can help. We work as your partner, and you stay in control of your client relationships. We’re here to help you provide a full range of services to your clients.

How we work with professional advisors

Our staff and volunteers have the knowledge and expertise to provide advice on areas of need in our community. In addition:

  • We manage all administrative matters involved with your Fund.
  • We offer cost savings available through economies of scale and pooling of resources. The Foundation invests funds with top professional fund managers, supervised by an independent Investment Committee of the Foundation Board of Directors. Our Governance and Investment procedures are available for your review.
  • We support the establishment of endowment funds; a permanent investment of capital that benefits the community forever and helps create personal legacies.
  • We can set up funds in your client’s name to make grants that benefit projects from a wide range of charitable causes important to them.
  • Your clients’ commitments to various organizations and interests can be accommodated in a single fund and the grants will continue forever.

As a registered Public Foundation with Canada Revenue Agency, the Oakville Community Foundation is authorized to issue charitable receipts for income tax purposes for gifts of cash, securities or life insurance, during the donor’s lifetime or later by bequest in a will.

“My role in this project enabled the client to feel comfortable and empowered during the decision process.
It was an honour to represent the family and it was a pleasure to work with The Foundation staff and Board.”

– Gayle Villeneuve, CMA

Help your clients to create charitable giving legacies

We are charitable giving experts. Whether it’s setting up a less costly alternative to a private foundation or giving support for their estate planning, we can tailor giving plans to meet your clients’ particular needs.

Consult our resources and publication materials – help build a stronger client relationship and give them the best possible advice for their philanthropic goals.

Page photo courtesy of Christopher Dias

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