Oakville Resiliency Fund

The Oakville Resiliency Fund was created to support charities on the front lines who during the pandemic, were supporting our most vulunerable populations in Oakville.

How Can You Help?

Contributions to the Oakville Resiliency Fund will continue to be used this Fall and Winter, as part of ongoing financial needs.  Donating to the Resiliency Fund, you can be confident that the donations will go to those agencies facing the most significant challenges for their clients including support of basic Health, Well-Being, Food, and Shelter needs.

Donate to the Oakville Resiliency Fund

What Have We Accomplished So Far?

Granted to Date

In the spring, The Foundation worked collaboratively with the Halton Granters Roundtable, and other local Community Foundations to ensure resources were targeted and not duplicated. We palso articipated on the Regional COVID Response Action Table, whose members include Halton Region Social Services, Housing and Public Health Departments, local municipalities, United Way and other agencies.

The Foundation allocated funds to key agencies that were serving needs including: Food, Shelter, Mental Health, as well as Education and Speciality serivces for food and more.  To read where and how all the funds have been allocated to date, see the following Press Releases to speak to the full allocation of funds this spring and summer.


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Initial Funding Allocation – Oakville Resiliency Fund

Allocation of Funding – Second Wave

Resiliency Fund – Supporting our Education Heroes

Resiliency Fund – Partnering for Unique Needs