Walk the Oakville Heritage Trails Indoors

Did you know that it is the 20th Anniversary of Oakville’s Heritage Trail System? 

20 years ago The Foundation raised funds to connect Oakville through a series of trails and information kiosks. This year we were gearing up to expand and update our wonderful trails into newer communities and introduce exciting new features across the Trail system. 

We were working with the Mayor, local councillors, leading corporations and many friends of the Foundation to make this happen for our community. 

This exciting project is on hold…for now.

What we can share for those of you feeling the confines of self-isolation and social distancing is a drone video filmed at the peak of summer on a beautiful day last July. 

We were originally saving it for the launch of the fundraising campaign, but we think it is needed now more than ever. 

We recommend that you not watch this sitting down. Put your sound on, and walk in place to experience the full effect.

Click Here to Watch the Video Now