The Foundation is guided by the primary governance body, its Board of Directors.  They are elected by the members of The Foundation and have the responsibility of:

  • Setting the strategic direction of the Foundation
  • Overseeing the governance of the Foundation
  • Providing operational oversight and
  • Making certain that appropriate risk management strategies for The Foundation are established

Several advisory committees provide guidance and oversight to our Board of Directors.  These committees include:

  • Audit Committee
  • Community Legacy Building Committee
  • Finance & Risk Committee
  • Governance & Nominating Committee
  • Investment Committee

The committees advise our Board of Directors in these areas and more:

  • Management of The Foundation’s investment portfolio, including determining asset mix, selecting investment managers, and monitoring the portfolio
  • Management of The Foundation’s financial operations, including risk management, financial statements, and reporting
  • Developing and monitoring governance principles and guidelines, providing review reporting, and recommending changes
  • Proposing Board nominees and candidates for the appointment as officers of The Foundation

Responsible stewards of your financial investment

Our vitally important Investment Committee members – which include national leaders in wealth management – ensure our investment processes and policies support a portfolio that:

  • Ensures the safety of capital over the long term (reducing exposure to undue volatility and market risk)
  • Earns sufficient investment returns
  • Balances current spending needs with the need to preserve capital for future obligations

“While at The Foundation, I have worked with principled and highly committed volunteers, who have a passion to better their community and make a long-lasting difference for generations to come.”
-Finn Hovland, Long-term Oakville Community Foundation volunteer and advisor

Our Board

Pictured in image (left to right):

Mary Lui, Sam Greiss, Bonnie Jackson, Fred Pinto, Frank Lochan, Mike Miller, Ameeta Vijay, Vik Sachdev, Brian Hanna (Chair), Tim Zahavich, Chuck Havill, Daniela Hampton-Davies, Bindu Cudjoe, Joanne Peters

  • Brian Hanna, LLP



  • Bindu Cudjoe, LLP

    Board Secretary & Chair, Community Legacy Building Committee

  • Sam Greiss, CA

    Chair, Audit Committee

  • Daniela Hampton-Davies


  • Chuck Havill, CPA/CA

    Treasurer and Chair, Finance & Risk Committee

  • Bonnie Jackson, BA, B.Ed


  • Frank Lochan, CA, MA Finance & Taxation


  • Mary Lui, Health Care professional


  • Mike Miller, B.Comm, MA

    Investment Committee Chair

  • Joanne Peters, LLP

    Board Vice-Chair

  • Fred Pinto, CFA


  • Vik Sachdev, CPA/CA


  • Ameeta Vijay, CPA/CA

    Chair, Impact Investing Deal Review Sub-Committee

  • Tim Zahavich, CPA/CA

    Chair, Governance & Nominating

  • Michael Whitcombe, LLB, LLM

    Honorary Solicitor