Ashquasing- the Reflection Chair

As part of the “At Home in Bronte Perspectives & Reflections” Public Art Exhibit, Bronte BIA invited us to design and paint a Muskoka chair. We reached out to the Indigenous Advisory Council of the School Boards, who connected us with art teacher Darrell Joseph and students at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School who designed and created the chair artwork.

The chair is called “Ashquasing” – translated as “that which lies at the end,” the Anishinaabe name for Bronte. It will be a “Reflection Chair.” Students used wood burning, painting, and wood staining to create this piece. “Ashquasing- the Reflection Chair” made its debut on Canada Day at the Bronte pier, where it will be displayed until the end of the summer. The chair will then be auctioned off to support Truth and Reconciliation work.

We had the pleasure of watching talented Holy Trinity students work on the Ashquasing Reflection Chair, and now we want to share the experience with you! This short video highlights the process of designing the chair and its powerful meaning.