Mississaugas of the Credit flag to be raised permanently at Town Hall

On April 2, Oakville’s Town Council voted unanimously to install a new flagpole to permanently fly the Mississaugas of the Credit flag at Oakville’s Town Hall.

Rich in history, yet not well known, Oakville is located on the Treaty Lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, part of the Anishinaabek (Ojibwe) nation whose traditional lands extended across Southwestern Ontario.

Wendy Rinella, Oakville Community Foundation CEO, and Stephen Paquette, an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper, spoke in support of permanently raising the flag outside of Town Hall. The Foundation convenes the Oakville Partnership on Truth and Reconciliation and Mr. Paquette acts as its Chair. The Partnership includes many Oakville organizations committed to implementing the Calls to Action from the Truth & Reconciliation Commission.

“I love talking about the rich, proud history of Oakville, but I want my fellow residents to know there’s a history that encompasses before Mr. Chisholm came here,” said Mr. Paquette. “When we talk about relationships, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. It’s meant to be inclusive.”

Mr. Paquette went on to say that going forward it is important to acknowledge the Town of Oakville, but to also acknowledge that it sits on the treaty territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit.

“When we change the future, it’s not just for the Indigenous citizens of Oakville, it’s for all the citizens of Oakville,” said Mr. Paquette. “I’d like to think we can learn about our collective past and that’s how we’re able to reach our full potential.”

Councillor Marc Grant thanked Stephen Paquette for speaking and also added that he hoped the decision would mean the Town is headed in the right direction to acknowledge its rich past while embracing a better future.

The permanent Mississaugas of the Credit flag will be raised at Town Hall with Chief Stacey R. Laforme on June 17, the same date as the Strawberry Moon, an important date on the Indigenous calendar and a time of healing, reconciliation and starting anew. We hope that you will come and join Wendy, Stephen and the Town Council to raise the flag at 3 p.m.