The Famous Five: Women Giving Panel

Announcing! New Women’s Giving Collective

On October 18, 2018 over 125 women gathered to hear from our own Famous Five and to learn about The Foundation’s new Women’s Giving Collective.


In a giving collective or “giving circles”, like-minded people come together to support shared causes.

They pool their resources and decide collectively where, when and how to award grants. Giving as a group, donors are able to achieve a greater impact than they might alone. Collective giving offers a number of benefits including a higher level of engagement, social connectivity and the freedom to make significant contributions to several different organizations.

How does the Collective Work?

Planning  –  Starting in January 2019, all Women who have identified and are committing annual support of $1,000 to a new Giving Collective Fund, which will be held at The Foundation, will become Members of this Collective.  They will design what the purpose and goals for the Collective.

Give – Every year, $1,000 of each Member’s annual contribution will go to the Giving Collectives Fund, where it will pool together, and they will make annual grants from the pooled funds.

Benefits of the Collective – There are many benefits to collective giving. In addition to multiplying individual gifts to achieve a greater impact, collective giving offers a variety of advantages for donors:

A higher level of engagement – People support what they help build.

  • As donors decide how to distribute monies and are otherwise involved in the grantmaking process, they become more attuned to community needs and more invested in outcomes.
  • Deeper understanding of issues –  Educational events to build knowledge, helping donors to make more informed decisions.
  • Independence – Giving Collective maintains independence by not affiliating with any single nonprofit.
  • Strategic philanthropists – Donors learn how to achieve significant change together.
  • Social connectivity – Members can choose to volunteer and participate in events together, and actively build their community.

How to become a member

Joining the Collective is easy – simply complete the commitment form, and you’re in!

Because collective giving involves Members deciding what the needs are and where to direct their grants, it enriches the experience for all. Members can target issues that are important to both the Members and the community.  Join us in the collective giving movement and become a Member.