Then & Now: The Oakville Heritage Trails


In 1997, members of more than a dozen local heritage groups came together, and with the help of the Oakville Community Foundation, created the Oakville Heritage Trust: a fund dedicated to the preservation, protection and celebration of our town’s natural, built and cultural heritage resources.

The Trust’s main focus was the development of a trail system that would link Oakville’s new and old neighbourhoods through existing trails.

This project still exists today and is known as The Oakville Heritage Trails which now stretches for almost 60 kilometres. The trails provide insights into the Town’s heritage and history and link all areas of the community and reflect our natural, human and built heritage. As stated in our 1997 Annual Report, “The collection of oral histories is to help bring Oakville’s heritage alive for students and the general public today and tomorrow.”

The trails continue to be developed even today. In 2017, three new trail projects were developed for Sixteen Mile Creek, Bronte Creek Heritage and Bronte Creek Moccasin Trails.  Projects included plaques with indigenous stories and verses relating to the land as well as a a First Nations Information Station, which is located at the start of the Bronte Creek Heritage Trail. These trails are also featured in The Foundation’s “Community Classroom” programming for grade five students.

The Oakville Heritage Trust not only plays a pivotal role in upholding Oakville history, but it is also essential in educating Oakville’s future.

“A vital part of building a community is protecting the parts that are worth preserving, so that they may be shared with future generations.”

Help us to ensure that Oakville’s parts worth preserving may be shared with future generations. To donate to the Oakville Heritage Trust, click here.


To learn more about our Community Classroom initiative, click here.