Wendy Rinella’s Top 10 Highlights of 2018

As shared at our 24th Annual General Meeting on May 30, 2019.

1.Transitioning to a New Cloud-Based Technology Solution

We transitioned on time and on budget to Community Suite and now all of our fundholders have online access to their funds, the ability to make grants requests on line and access our community granting through a donor portal. We are scalable! A big shout out to our CFO Alison Moeller, and our Community Suite Guru Michelle Collins who lead the project.

2. Launch of Community Classroom

Our program to create belonging and local connection for every elementary school student in all 45 publicly funded Oakville schools. This program aims to give 22,000 students a free local arts, culture and heritage experience annually and it also supports 11 different performing arts groups and cultural institutions by providing them with a new audience and steady funding. This program is funded by donors and generous sponsors like Toronto Pearson, Genworth Canada, TD and the Trillium Foundation. So proud of the work of Director Frances Pace and the granting team for making this program happen.

3. The Launch of Belong Oakville

Our first community open doors day the last weekend of March Break providing free admissions to families not heading away on vacation for March break. A great job by Director Sarah McPherson and Events Manager Taline McPhedran for delivering this community wide event.

4. Release of our Vital Youth Report

Our new report a Tale of Two Childhoods in partnership with the YMCA and Community Foundation of Halton North. We wanted to understand what childhood was like in our communities and to see where granting dollars are needed most. We benefited from the generous support of title sponsor Hendersen Partners as well as Ford, Genworth and the YMCA of Oakville. This was the first report that was designed and created in house. Michael Salem our Sr Manager of Creative Services and Taline McPhedran our researcher did an incredible job! Michael is also the designer of our 2018 Community Impact report which showcases many of these highlights.

5. The Oakville Partnership on Truth and Reconciliation 

The work of the Partnership on a number of community educational events including a screening of Indian Horse last June on National Indigenous Day with a panel of actors, as well as the collective work to have the Town raise the Flag of the Mississaugas of the Credit permanently at Town Hall – which happened on June 17th this year. The Partnership’s work was generously supported by our good friends at O’Connor MacLeod Hanna and all the members of the Partnership.

6. The Work of the Halton Granter’s Roundtable

The Roundtable has developed a program for youth exiting the child welfare system. The program aims to change the current percent of youth aged 18-24 formerly touched by the care system that are NOT in Employment, Education or Training from 27% to 10%. This youth out of care program launches this Fall and is one of our 2019 BeCause Oakville granting initiatives. A big thank you to all of the members of the Roundtable, Lynn Fergusson the Impact Coach and Frances Pace.

7. Granting more than $3 million in 2018

Launching our new Granting Programs BeCause Oakville and Give Oakville which put Fundholders in the driver’s seat to steward our granting dollars and amplify their impact. This is significant when you consider that our granting never exceeded $2 million until after 2016. A big thank you to fundholders for supporting these initiatives.

8. The launch of our Women’s Collective Giving Circle on October 18th

A new giving vehicle to inspire “community through philanthropy” which I also refer to as Sarah McPherson’s pet project. It benefited from being successfully stewarded by many of the women members of our Board, Legacy Committee Chair Bindu Cudjoe in particular.

9. Fee Reductions

In addition to the reduction in investment management fees that were realized on a full year basis in 2018, we also announced the reduction of our fees by removing the top rate of 1.5% on the first $500,000 effective January 1, 2019. Great work by our Finance Team, CFO Alison Moeller and Director Lori Armitage to make this happen.

10 Our first Impact Investment

We completed our first Impact Investing project thanks to the great work of our Responsible Investment Sub Committee and our retired Director of Investment Aldis Van Warmerdamn.

Now seven more precariously housed youth HAVE A HOME

Wow we accomplished alot!! I am very thankful to the Board of Directors, Committee Members, Fundholders, Community Partners, Sponsors,Volunteers and my awesome team for helping us achieve all of these new programs and initiatives for the Community. 2019 is already shaping up to be a great year for us!