Do you feel you belong in Oakville? Do your friends, your co-workers or clients feel the same? We want to find out!

Over 25 Community groups are hosting their own conversation over food to discuss issues, benefits, concerns and needs in Oakville, to gain an overall sense of how people feel they belong to this community.

Why are we doing this?

We’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary, and we felt that there was no better way to do that than to hear back from the Oakville community.

We want to find out what the sense of “Belonging” is like in Oakville, and how we can work together with the community to achieve this goal. By hosting a conversation, and sharing ideas with us, this will help us align future funding and research to support ideas, and allow for The Foundation’s future granting programs. The best ideas will also be featured in our 25th Anniversary Report, which we think is a great way to illustrate how the ideas will be implemented in the future!

What are the conversations about?

The conversations will revolve around “Belonging” in Oakville, building off of our “Sense of Belonging Survey.” This reflects how people feel that they fit into the Oakville community, and ways that we can make Oakville a better place to live.  We can’t wait to hear all the ideas to make a better and stronger community.

Read more about our Belonging initiatives:

Belonging Report 2017

Belonging Survey Expanded Research 2017


Are you a participating group?

Here are your toolkits:

For Hosts

For Participants


Want to know more?

Are you an interested Oakville-based community group? Does your group have great ideas about Belonging in Oakville?

Contact Courtney Waddell,

Communications and Events Coordinator