Creating Vital Solutions is our next step in the work that stems from our 2015 Oakville Vital Signs Report.

The Vital Signs Report demonstrates the state of our community through the use of statistics, shown in graphs and pictograms. Creating Vital Solutions is our next step in taking from paper, and putting into place programs, resources, tools, and discussions on these important community issues. Reading the Vital Signs Report gives a snapshot of the great successes of our community and our Creating Vital Solutions, is the platform to do more, learn more, and give more.

Here we will reach and connect with the full community – participation from for-profit, not-for-profit, government and civic leaders, and focus our efforts on reducing duplication, and working together to align around the key issues identified in the Vital Signs Report.

As a leading funder in the charitable sector, The Foundation is poised to transforming the whole philanthropy sector to transform the lives of the people we are trying to impact, and our Creating Vital Solution is the first step in enabling this to happen.

Read the Creating Vital Solutions report (PDF).