Research/Articles of Interest

With the arrival of the pandemic, many organizations have put together insights and research on the impact on women specifically.  As women, we thought you’d find these of particular interest as we move into 2021 and planning our own focus. 

Community Foundations of Canada: Power and Gender Equality in Canada

Community Foundations of Canada has put together a series of reports on Gender Equality in Canada. Women, girls, Two-Spirit people and gender-diverse people have less access to power than men and boys. In the Power report, they pay particular attention to economic and political power in our communities. They explore leadership, employment, unpaid work, income and more.

Women, COVID-19—and the threat to gender equity and diversity

CPP Investments explores the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on working women. Within just a few months, female participation in Canada’s labour force plunged to its lowest level in 30 years, driven by layoffs and shifts in how we live and work. The fallout now threatens to ravage the pipeline of next-generation female leaders, potentially reversing much of the progress corporate Canada has made towards diversity and inclusion and creating an economic performance gap that will impact us all.

The Facts: Women and Pandemics

The Canadian Women’s Foundation has put together a new podcast where they discuss how women and the organizations that serve them have been impacted by COVID-19. They have also included some resources for further reading. 

Learn more about the Equality Fund.

The Oakville Community Foundation is proud to be part of the Fund for Gender Equality, which provides funding to local organizations that support women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender-diverse individuals who are working towards a future grounded in equity, inclusion and justice.

October Break-Out Discussion

At our October gathering you shared some great conversations in our breakout rooms about local positive stories. We wanted to share with you, and hope you’ll continue to share when you find new great stories. 

  • The resiliency of our Downtown Oakville businesses.
  • More networking opportunities and working together via Zoom to elicit local change.
  • Feeling more connected to our neighbours.
  • Finding the beauty in nature and enjoying the green spaces that Oakville has to offer.
  • Local charities have done inspirational work in our community, and are motivating others to help where they can.
  • Neighbourhoods coming together to create art pieces to inspire hope.
  • Using this time to reflect and have gratitude for the little things in life.

Louise Brownlee shared some inspiring images of community that have given her hope during the pandemic. Images below include some beautiful art from our Women’s Giving member Kimberly Schols.



Many of you are familiar with our GIVEOakville program, and thank you to those of you who were able to support it this year. If you’re thinking of charitable giving for family gifts or friends, GIVE is open until December 15th.