Create A Giving Circle

One of the fastest growing philanthropic strategies, Giving Circles are a method by which a group of people come together to pool their resources and direct their charitable donations. Working collaboratively, a group can make a greater financial impact in an area or areas they care about.

Giving Circles take many shapes – they vary in size, membership, focus, structure, contribution requirements and lifespan. As the person or group starting a Giving Circle, these decisions are up to you and the end result is uniquely yours.

The Oakville Community Foundation has launched a NEW Program to support individuals, groups, organizations and businesses who are interested in starting a Giving Circle.

As part of this program, The Foundation is providing:

  • An easy step-by-step toolkit to help you design and establish your Giving Circle;
  • The opportunity to establish a fund at The Foundation creating a trustworthy host for both the immediate and longer-term support of your Giving Circle.
  • And more!

Interested?  Start Now! Email us and we’ll send you the getting started toolkit.