Just Be You Fund

Youth struggling with mental health issues often find themselves feeling alone and isolated, even in a crowded room.  The effects of mental illness can be devastating on self-esteem, self-confidence, and social connections, making it hard for youth to reach their full potential.

Through consultation, our team at Shine Out! Shout Out! knew there was a real need for a place where youth with mental health problems could go, hang out, have fun, and make supportive social connections in a recreation-based program. So we created Just Be You (JBY).

As a youth-led peer-to-peer program, JBY allows participants to share insights and provides a space where they can just be themselves, feel connected and safe, without judgment or stigma. For youth living with concerns and/or challenges with their mental health, this is a group where they can come as they are and meet other youth where they are.

The Just Be You Fund was established in 2018 to support the work of this important initiative. 

How it works
Using a combination of peer support and social recreation that encourages young people to explore their strengths, support others and learn wellness strategies to increase their overall mental wellness.

Based on best practices, Just Be You serves youth facing multiple barriers of isolation, stigma, finances, illness, and transportation. Just Be You provides early intervention for youth not currently connected with services, waitlist support for youth waiting for services and ongoing support for those trying to maintain wellness.

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