Reconciliation, Equity and Anti-Racism 

Gender Equality Week: True Gender Equality Means Equal Rights and Equal Opportunity

Developing the Reconciliation, Equity and Anti-Racism Statement

“Nii jii”: A Poem by Gimaa R. Stacey Laforme

Oakville Community Foundation Announces New DEI-Focused Funding

Reflections from Elder Peter Schuler 

The ‘Uncovery’ of 215 Unmarked Graves

Reconciliation: A Poem by Gimaa R. Stacey Laforme

Anti-Asian Racism: Q & A with Grace Churchill 

What is Our Role in Social Justice?


Wendy’s Top Six Holiday Reads – Philanthropy Edition

Inspiring Generations of Giving: The Peternelj Family 

Remembering Gerry Wilson

Philanthropy: Create Your Own Experience

Family Philanthropy

Our Kids and Philanthropy

How Will You Measure Your Time During the Pandemic?

The Fundamentals of Starting a Fund

Involving the Family’s Next Two Generations in Philanthropy: The Jackson Family

Putting the Fun Back Into the Philanthropic: An Interview with Michael Whitcombe

Destiny and Love: Meet the Lui Family

Estate Planning

The “Philanthropic Talk”

Shape & Inspire Your Legacy: “The Noble Effort”: Don Noble’s Family Legacy

Why Blair and Sharon Richardson Chose to Create a Bequest Fund with The Foundation

Planned Giving: All it Takes is a Little Will Power

Giving is Great, But How Do You Decide on the Best Way to Give?

Tell Us What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

Building a Legacy of Giving: What’s Best for You?

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Foundation Initiatives, Investments and More

Earth Day: Committing to Climate

Women’s Giving Collective Proving “Ever Woman Counts”

The DQ and You

Oakville-based Windmill Microlending recipient shares her experience

Oakville Community Foundation Signs Canadian Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change

#WeekendReads – Windmill Microlending, The Foundation’s Newest PRI

Learn About the Women’s Giving Collective

Reflections from a Women’s Giving Collective Member at The Foundation – A Unique and Groundbreaking Model

Maximizing the Local Benefit: Charity-Small Business Partnerships

Social Enterprise and WE Charity – A Follow Up Blog

WE Charity and We Charities

Community Building at a Time of Social Distancing

Ways to Give: Technology as a Community Asset

More on Foundation Staff and Volunteers

Meet the New Members of The Foundation Board 2023

Oakville Awards for Business Excellence Recap

Four Volunteers Honoured with Adrian Coote Volunteer Award

#WeekendReads – Introducing the New Members of the Board 2022

Get to Know Michelle Collins!

Get to Know Michael Salem!

Get to Know Lori Armitage!

#WeekendReads – Get to Know the New Members of the Board 2021

Get to Know Dan Ierullo!

Get to Know Gillian McLaren!

Get to Know Alison Moeller!

Introducing the New Members of the Board 2020

#WeekendReads – Our 2020 Annual Report

Rotary’s Paul Harris Awards and Family


#WeekendReads: Racialized Individuals Represent Nearly Half of Halton

#WeekendReads: Belonging and Racial Identity in Halton

#WeekendReads: Housing and Shelter in Our Communities

#WeekendReads: Examining Changes in Low-Income Status in Halton

#WeekendReads: Oakville’s Growing and Changing Demographic

A Youth Perspective: Resilience and Adaptability

From the Archives: Older Adults in Our Community

#WeekendReads – Explore the Vital Older Adults Report in three ways!

A Youth Perspective: The Impact of COVID-19 – Part 1

A Youth Perspective: The Impact of COVID-19 – Part 2

#WeekendReads – Halton Youth Collective: Part 1

#WeekendReads – Halton Youth Collective: Part 2

#WeekendReads – The Health of the Charitable Sector: Imagine Canada

Oakville Resiliency Report Update – Education and Community Connections

Oakville Resiliency Report Update – Mental Health

Oakville Resiliency Report Update – Physical Health

Oakville Resiliency Report Update – Housing and Shelter

Oakville Resiliency Report Update – Food Security

Oakville Resiliency Report Update – Same Storm, Different Boats


Family and Philanthropy: You can support both! 

#WeekendReads – GIVEOakville: A Deep Dive into Causes

10 Reason to Give with GIVEOakville

#WeekendReads – GIVEOakville: Certified for Local Impact