We play an exciting role in addressing the social, economic, and environmental challenges of our communities. The Foundation provides leadership, expertise, and capital to help address social issues in our region. We also serve as a resource for non-profit, civic, government, and philanthropic organizations.

We do this is through our work with our key initiatives; Vital Signs reports, our Creating Vital Solutions, and research initiatives with leading community partners.

Above is a collection of research, articles and other reports that inform and help us in our work on Vital Signs, Creating Vital Solutions and community discussions. Below is a list of archived Reports.

This section continues to evolve and grow, providing regular updates on topics including charitable giving, housing, equity and employment to name a few. Our intent here is to leverage local knowledge to help in our work of supporting our communities with a guidepost of finding fundable solutions for local systemic issues.

Community Survey Insights – Belonging

In 2017, we conducted a community-wide survey called Belonging Matters.  The research shows how people feel connected to our community, what and where they have a sense of inclusion and belonging.

Summary presentation is available here: 2017 Oakville Community Foundation’s Belonging Matters Survey Presentation