When there’s a Will, there’s a way.

Here’s how you can get started on leaving your legacy today.

Planned Giving. It sounds, well, planned. But how do you get started so that you have the planned part of your giving in place? You don’t need to be a financial planning wizard, and it won’t require a huge financial investment to get started either. All you need is a desire to make a difference in your community and that’s where we can help.

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in myriad ways. But it has also created, for many of us, new opportunities to assess our priorities and reach out in different ways to help those around us. In the news as well as in our neighbourhoods, we’ve seen an uptick in volunteerism, donations to charities, and a coming together in communities beyond what has been the norm for so long.

It’s easy to see what generosity can do. And, in this crisis, it’s been easy to see the effects of this acute “in-the-moment” giving. At The Foundation, we have many donors who created a fund 10+ years ago, and because of this simple act and our work at The Foundation, they were all part of helping distribute over $500,000 in funding to charities within 4 weeks of the pandemic.  

Do you ponder how or if your generosity is able to have a continued impact? How can you do something today that will make a difference in your community tomorrow? We want to help you. 

Planned Giving.

There are numerous ways to plan your generosity so that it impacts the future and, depending on your preferences, financial position, and other factors, there will be a Planned Giving plan that’s right for you. But, for now, let’s start with the end – your Will. 

If you are not in a financial position to make a financial contribution today, a Bequest Fund is a great way to ensure that you have a plan in place for the future. Creating a Bequest Fund means that, in your Will, you ensure that a Bequest is left to fund what’s most important to you in your community. 

Making a charitable gift through your Estate can also result in significant tax savings. The charitable bequest in your Will can provide a percentage of your Estate, or a gift of the residue (which consists of whatever remains in your Estate after gifts to your loved ones and all expenses have been paid). 

You can make a gift from your Will in several ways: 

  • Directly to the Oakville Community Foundation (The Foundation) 
  • To a specific Fund at The Foundation
  • To your own Fund at The Foundation – we’ve several Fund options available.  When you establish your own Fund at The Foundation, your donation is invested wisely, and the proceeds are directed to support your most important causes, according to your direction.

We’d love to explore how a gift in the future can play a part today.  Reach out to today to explore all the options, your interest and how we can help you build community through philanthropy. 

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