For Charities

Why should a charity start a Donor Advised Fund with The Foundation? There are a few really great reasons:

Donor Advised Funds provide a long-term funding option. With the dollars invested and the proceeds coming back to the charity, an organization can be sure that even during slow donation years there is a reliable funding source. Just as many Hospitals establish their own Foundation to provide funds for the future, a Donor Advised Fund functions in much the same way for a Charity.

The Oakville Community Foundation connects you to a network of other charities. As part of our work in the community, we are continually connecting with amazing charities doing incredible things. So often we find great synergies amongst organizations and help facilitate the cross-pollination of new ideas or connections.

We are made up of many Funds, many of who are looking to grant dollars to amazing organizations. As a member of the Oakville Community Foundation, you become part of our Fundholder community and are invited to all of our Fundholder events. It’s a great opportunity to talk about the amazing work of your organization and connect with potential future donors.

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