Starting A Fund

When you create a Fund at the Oakville Community Foundation you are becoming part of our community. 


By creating a fund with us, you become a voting member of the Foundation! You will be invited to our AGM and help the Foundation make key decisions in how we go about creating a better town for everyone who lives here. You will also have access to our deep community knowledge and will be among the first to know about collaborative giving opportunities.

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How to Start a Fund

We have different Fund types available – these are the most common:

Donor Advised Fund

Starting at $20,000, this Fund functions much like a private foundation, with your initial gift invested in our Endowment Fund, it will grow over time. Every year, there will be granting dollars available that you can direct to any registered charity in Canada. With a Donor Advised Fund, you decide just how active you want to be. We can help you automate your giving and keep it anonymous, or we can assist you in taking your giving to the next level, providing granting research around your passions, engagement with charities, and total freedom to grant to Canadian charities.

Community Fund

Starting at $2,500, establishing a Community Fund is a way of pooling your charitable dollars to support the long-term vitality of our community. This Fund directly invests in programs that align with our Vital Signs and Creating Vital Solutions work, which strengthens the quality of life in our local area. You get to choose the causes that matter to you and direct your annual giving to one of our Community Funds programs.

Bequest Fund

Create a Fund today and fund it through your estate when the time comes. It’s a way of ensuring the causes you care about are supported beyond your lifetime. In addition, you can change the charities you want the Fund to support at anytime without updating your Will.

Funds can be created with one initial gift, or over time through regular contributions, or in the future with an indication now in your Will.

Ask about creating a Fund through a monthly giving plan. We are happy to establish a schedule that works for your family.

A charitable Fund can be created using cash, securities, life insurance, or other assets. However, if you have more questions or are ready to get your Fund started, get in touch today!

Funds can be established over time. Ask us about setting up a Fund through a monthly giving plan.

Creating a Fund name is a great way to encourage philanthropy in your family for generations to come and we encourage all Fundholders to name their Funds. Many people use their family name or choose to use the name of a passed loved one in the case of a Memorial Fund. However, some Fundholders decide to create a brand name for the Fund that allows for some anonymity for the family’s charitable activities.

Whatever name you choose for your Fund, it should be special to you and your family.

*Please note that all dollars contributed to your Fund are eligible for a Charitable Tax Receipt.

Donation Tax Calculator


Learn more about the Fund that’s right for you, your business, or organization

Charitable Funds for Families

Charitable Funds for Charities

Charitable Funds for Businesses

Additional resources:

If you are making a gift of publicly traded stocks, here’s a Donating Securities – tax benefits and what you should know chart to show you the value of this type of charitable giving.  Here’s our Gifts of Securities Donation Form, should you wish to donate in this manner.

If you’re wanting to leave a gift in your Will, here is some helpful Sample Language for your Will to share with your Lawyer.