Women’s Giving Collective

Are you ready to make a long-lasting mark on your local community?

Would you like to boost your impact by working together with a group of like-minded women?

Then we’d like to invite you to join the Oakville Women’s Giving Collective.

Your opportunity to be a part of something bigger while learning about your community

Through the Women’s Giving Collective, you can tap into the collective power of amazing local women like you, working together. By participating in the Collective, you can give back to and learn about your community while benefiting from comradery, connections and support.

The Oakville Community Foundation is the steward and guide for this group. We’ll provide you with guidance, information and financial management. Every few months, we host events at which you can connect with your fellow Collective members in person, and where we stimulate deep and meaningful conversations about our community and ways to give more effectively, together.

While the Collective is very new, we have established our priorities for giving, which are: women in education, support networks and mental health. In support of the group’s priorities, The Foundation brings forward ideas, programs and/or research to support your understanding of how to address these priorities. Then together, we will determine final annual grants to help where help is most needed. It’s a long-term approach to solving pressing issues in our community.

Read full details about the work, the history of the collective, the impact and more in our 3 year report on the Collective here

We’re building a new approach to women’s philanthropy that will last for generations.

Is the Women’s Giving Collective for you? Yes – If you would like to:

  • Be a role model and inspiration for philanthropic giving in your family.
  • Pool your funds, ideas and passion with other women to make a more significant impact.
  • Increase philanthropy in Oakville that improves the lives of local women and girls.
  • Invest in projects that deliver maximum return for the money and time contributed.

“I understand and strongly believe in the idea of women supporting women. Through the Women’s Giving Collective, we can help women be more empowered, more strategic, and achieve a more significant impact as a group than we might alone.”

~ Natalie Jamison, founding member, Women’s Giving Collective

Join the Oakville Women’s Giving Collective

We understand your goals and wishes and are here to help you achieve your vision. Are you ready to learn together and be a part of something bigger? Here’s how you can get started.

Learn more and get your questions answered by calling Taline McPhedran at 905-844-3562 x 309 or email taline@theocf.org

Or, if you’re ready to pledge your commitment now: download, complete and submit the Commitment Form

Thank you to our Members, some of whom are listed here.  They wanted to ensure you knew, it’s a great group to join!

Bindu Cudjoe | Bonnie Jackson | Daniela Hampton-Davies | Debbie McPherson | Dianne Lemieux | Donna Doherty Lozon | Eve Willis | Esther Hagerman | Joanna Jackson | Jeanne Crocket | Lisa Kohler | Liz Galloway | Louise Brownlee | Mira Backo Shannon | Martha Hill | Natalie Jamison | Patti Hnatiw | Tamara MacCormack | Beth Robertson | Brenda Barrington | Lynn Petruskavich | Susan Mollenhauer | Joanne Peters | Kimberly Bell Schols | Michele Whitcombe | Christine Langevin