Top 10: Reasons Why Charitable People get DAFfy at The Foundation

Let’s get DAFfy!

What do we mean by DAFfy? (hint: we are not talking about the duck!) We’re talking about creating  a “Donor Advised Fund” For You – at the Oakville Community Foundation.

Here is our list of the top 10 reasons why charitable people get DAFfy at The Foundation:

10. No money down!
You can start a Fund at any price point with a number of different options, including $0 down, a lump sum or staggered contributions. All DAFs grow based on donations, there are no upfront payments.

9. Same day service!
On the same business day we can set up a Memorial Fund to receive most types of donations.  We know this is a difficult time so you can concentrate on celebrating a life and leave the paperwork until you are ready.

8. All the cache of the Gates Foundation!
We offer every DAF their own personal logo, Fund webpage, and a personalized link for donations to share widely. Direct your birthday or holiday gifts to your Fund. And you can call yourself a Foundation, we don’t mind!

7. Personalized service!
Our Grants team offers very personalized service to help you identify the programs and charities that meet your interests and passions. We can introduce you to new charities, arrange scholarships and discuss multi-year giving plans. One size does not fit all.

6. Unique local community-building opportunities!
Our Fundholders have participated in building local trails, information kiosks, public gardens, community networks and recreational facilities. Every Fundholder can be a community builder.

5. Institutional investor benefits!
On average, our investments have had an annualized return of over 8% over the past decade, generating new money for our community and charities. We also hold impact investments and are committed to the UN’s principles for responsible investing.

4. Know where the needs are greatest and what charity(ies) are delivering the solutions!
We do research about our community needs, then work with charities to provide community solutions whether it’s refugee resettlement, youth leaving the care system, housing, food security, social justice or climate action. We have the tools to build more effective philanthropy. Additionally, The Foundation is always looking for new charities in the community to share with our Fundholders.

3. It’s super easy to start a scholarship!
Donors can take advantage of The Foundation’s Community Education Awards Hub to create and share a scholarship, bursary or educational award. Select the recipients yourself or leave it to the Foundation’s review committee.

2. Choose from many Fund types with competitive fees!
We offer more than endowed funds, including short term funds and Bequest Fund Agreements which allows donors to change their chosen charity bequests without having to directly amend their Will and reduce the burden on the executor. Since 2015 our fees have dropped by 60 basis points & are shrinking. We do not charge fees to Fundholderrs for ordinary transactions.

1. Make your philanthropy fun!
At The Foundation, we host events that bring the community together to showcase new initiatives, celebrate volunteers making a difference and highlight new community groups. Join us— together we go far and have fun!

Read more about Donor Advised Funds, or our other Fund offerings here.