Oakville’s First Collective Giving Program for Women, By Women Inspiring Long-Term Giving

Our Purpose: Bringing women together to realize the power of community-based philanthropy.

Who We Are: a group of local women, who are joining together to give together.  It’s participatory philanthropy involving a learning journey.

This is a new program built by Oakville women of all ages.  They are coming together to learn more about our community and to pool some of their charitable dollars in order to make gifts together. The Oakville Community Foundation is the steward and guide for this group, helping to provide insights and knowledge, and stimulate deep and meaningful conversations about the Oakville Community and ways to give better together.

Our Priorities: Women in Education, Support Networks and Mental Health

Women are the driving force behind so much in today’s society, so it’s warming to know that the Collective have determined their primary focus will be to provide funding to areas that support these important aspects of all Women’s lives.

What’s Involved?

Join this group and help make a difference for Women in Oakville.  It’s simple.

The Foundation will bring ideas, programs and or research to all the members, that supports the groups Priorities. Throughout the process, there will be a series of discussions to both build understanding on how a Collective works, as well as understanding effective and strategic programs that address these priorities.  Then we will determine final annual grants and help where help is needed.

Why Join

  • To increase philanthropy in the Oakville community
  • To connect with women in strategic giving that produces greater impact
  • To improve the lives of women and girls in our area
  • To invest in projects that deliver maximum return in relation to the value of the money and time contributed

Join Today – be part of the start of something new, unique and All For Community!

If you want to support the program and pledge your commitment now, that’s wonderful!  Click here for the Commitment form.

Feel free to call Sarah McPherson, Director of Philanthropy & Communications if this sounds like you – 905-844-3562 ext 302 or sarah@theocf.org