Focused on Excellence in the Sector

The Oakville Community Foundation staff team is focused on ensuring the charitable sector, donors, and Oakville community as a whole, receive excellent service and stewarding. They offer individualized service, customized programs, and objective decision-making, with expertise in a number of fields, including:

Organizational effectiveness • Capacity building • Endowment building • Donor engagement
• Communications • Charity granting • Community dialogue• Finance and accounting
• Community research • Investment pooling.

  • Wendy Rinella

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sarah McPherson

    Director, Philanthropy and Communications

  • Michael Salem

    Senior Manager, Communications & Creative Services

  • Taline McPhedran

    Communications & Events Manager

  • Frances Pace

    Director, Fundholder and Community Engagement

  • Michelle Collins

    Fundholder and Community Engagement Administrator

  • Alison Moeller

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Lori Armitage

    Director of Finance

  • Gillian McLaren

    Office Manager and Board Liaison