Belonging and Racial Identity in Halton Report Methodology and Sources

The survey received ethics approval by the Sheridan Research Ethics Board on June 30, 2021 (SREB No 2021-06-001-024) and was shared with potential participants via email. Consideration was given for those participants who preferred a physical copy of the survey mailed to them; however, no participants requested this, and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions impacted opportunities to create in-person events.

The Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton (CCAH) and the Oakville Community Foundation reached out to community supporters for distribution or contact lists where the survey would be distributed, and the survey was shared on their respective social media sites. Participants included connecting with First Nations, Inuit and Métis, and racialized community members in all spaces and places of Halton.

The survey opened on July 12 and closed October 1 (the original deadline was extended to capture opportunities for as many participants as possible over the summer). Participants received an email and a recruitment letter on July 12 and community supporters also shared information about the survey with physical information mailers. The recruitment emails were sent to approximately one thousand potential participants, sent on July 12, 26 and 28th via email from the student research assistant hired by CCAH. On September 7th, the Oakville Community Foundation sent an email to all potential participants indicating the revised deadline to complete the survey. These efforts yielded responses from 227 unique participants.