In 2014, The Oakville Community Foundation distributed over 350 grants to area charities.
1 in 5 Ontarians under the age of 17 report having a mental health disorder that causes significant distress
93% of Canadians who volunteer do so because they want to make a contribution to their community.
Oakville accounts for 44% of the low income families in Halton and has 46% of the extreme low income families.
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What is the Oakville Community Foundation?​

The Foundation is a conduit between the passions of philanthropic families and the needs of the community.  As a registered charity, The Foundation is one of the largest members of a national network of over 190 Canadian community foundations.  

We support individuals, families and corporations who come from all walks of life, economic backgrounds and charitable interests but they have one thing in common – a desire to make a difference today and leave a legacy tomorrow for Oakville – a desire to be part of a smart & caring community.


The advantage of philanthropic giving through the Oakville Community Foundation is that the funds are invested and managed by professionals to ensure your contribution continues to give, year after year. Your investment becomes an endowment; a legacy of giving that goes beyond the initial gift. Joining The Foundation makes smart use of your resources to make caring changes in the community.


The Oakville Community Foundation offers a simple, collaborative and enduring means to support your community and charitable organizations. There are several ways that you can make a difference today and for years to come. Make a donation.

When you make a contribution to the Foundation's Community Fund of $20 to $2,500 you are joining our Smart & Caring movement, helping to make an even stronger connection to where monies can be used to support our highest priority areas in the community such as our local hospital or food bank.. When we work together, we can address local needs, face challenges and inspire individuals to realize their potential. When we pool our talents and resources, we can achieve more and enhance our community’s resilience Donations over $2,500 are the opening amount required to establish your own Foundation. There are many options available. MORE

The annual Marathon of Golf Fundraising event is a good place to start. MORE

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