Appreciating our Community Volunteers for National Volunteer Week

We are so lucky to live in a community with many  dedicated and supportive individuals. Now more than ever we have seen the resiliency of the human spirit and we are amazed by the amount of people who have come forward to offer their help to our local community. 

During this global health crisis, there is no doubt how critical volunteers are, but they are often the unsung heroes. As April 19-25 is National Volunteer Week, let’s thank them and recognize them as our #communityheroes.

Are you looking for ways you can volunteer or how you can help our community’s volunteers? We have created this blog to share the best ways you can volunteer while still keeping yourself and our community safe.

Thank a Volunteer on Social Media.

Show your appreciation for all the hard-work being done by volunteers in our community. Volunteers are making huge personal sacrifices to continue to care and help those in need. They are busier than ever, so words of encouragement help!

Share a message on your preferred social media platform and use the hashtag #cheerstovolunteers so that they’re able to see your messages.

You can also take a look at the toolkit that Volunteer Canada has put out if you are looking for other ideas.

Volunteer to Stay at Home.

We still need to #flattenthecurve! The best thing you can do to keep our community safe is volunteering to stay at home during this time.

You may feel fine, but you could be risking the health and safety of yourself and others if you go out unless absolutely necessary. If you’re feeling the stay-at-home blues, check out some of our other blogs for ideas and activities on how to stay connected during quarantine.

Volunteer to check-in on your Neighbours.

We’ve seen a number of initiatives from people who are continuing to check on their neighbours during this time. We’ve compiled a small list to give you a place to start:

  1. Start a community “in need of” list.
  2. Set-up a group message for those in your community.
  3. Ask people who live alone if there is any way you can be of assistance.
  4. Help those who may not be as technologically advanced as others.
  5. Make your number available for those who may need someone to talk to.
  6. Start a neighbourhood volunteer check-in system.

Become A Virtual Volunteer! 

While it’s not currently safe to physically enter charity spaces, we know many of you are eager to help our local organizations and have the time and skills to do so. 

We have asked our local charities about their needs and many are looking for additional help when it comes to social media, website development and human resources or legal help. Other charities are looking for those who have time to make phone calls to their clients or supporters. 

Virtual volunteering is the perfect way to keep busy while also staying philanthropic. 

Are you looking to be a virtual volunteer? Please contact Courtney Waddell, Communications & Events Coordinator at for more details.

If you don’t have time to be a virtual volunteer, take the time to thank a volunteer on social media or consider donating to local organizations through the Oakville Resiliency Fund. This fund was developed by The Foundation to support charities on the front lines who are helping our neighbours meet their basic needs of Health, Well-Being, Food, Shelter and serving vulnerable populations.