Community Building Through the Community Education Awards Hub

In February,  The Foundation introduced the Community Education Awards Hub, a brand new portal that allows students who are post-secondary bound the ability to access awards from local organizations, entirely online. With the announcement of public school closures until at least the end of May, it appears that this portal came just in time. Local students are joining the portal and are applying to the awards housed there on a daily basis.

To date, the Community Education Awards Hub has more than 385 users registered in the portal, 257 applications are currently in progress and a total of 286 applications have been completed and submitted for awards. With the earliest applications due in mid-May, students still have plenty of time to apply.

The Awards Hub is a great example of how working collaboratively, partnering and leading together, important services and programs can continue for our community. In the midst of this global pandemic, The Awards Hub serves as the perfect example of the successful shift in providing educational-based services through technology and illustrates the desire for other online services within our community, needs we intend to meet.

The Foundation has also launched Community Classroom Online. This virtual space provides online programming from our Community Classroom partners and allows students, teachers and families the opportunity to enjoy curriculum-based learning right from the comfort of their own home. The site currently hosts sessions from seven different local organizations, with many more to come in the near future.

Check out Community Classroom Online Here.

More Information on the Community Education Awards Hub:

The Awards Hub is currently home to educational awards from nine different local organizations. If your organization would like to use The Awards Hub to collect student awards applications, please contact The Foundation at for further details. 

To start an application on the Community Education Awards Hub, please visit the portal here.

Still have questions? For more information on the Community Education Awards Hub please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.