Planned Giving: All it takes is a little Will Power.

“When you pool your resources and work with The Oakville Community Foundation, they enable you to amplify your impact in the local community and beyond.”

~Bruce Burrows, Fundholder

It’s not uncommon in everyday conversations to hear someone say: “I wish I could make a difference.” Or “I wish I could create change.” Or “I just wish I knew how to help.” But wishing doesn’t get us very far.  Wishes don’t become anything without a plan. 

And, planning our strategies for giving is no different. Without a plan, we can’t ensure the impact our gifts will have now, or in the future. 

As our blogs have illustrated, there are a multitude of ways to give, just as there are ways to create and manage a Fund with the Oakville Community Foundation. Planned Giving in support of a Fund at our Foundation gives all of us the power to create change in our community. 

And, not only can we effect change today, but we believe that the future strength and prosperity of our community starts with long-term investments made today. Our job at The Foundation is to keep an eye on our community’s needs and put resources where they are most needed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated all too clearly how important it can be to have access to this long-term investment funding. We have many donors who created a fund 10+ years ago, and because of this simple act, and our work at The Foundation, they were all part of helping to distribute over $500,000 in funding to charities within a 4 week period as the crisis of the pandemic became clear and the critical needs were recognized.  

Only 5% of Canadians leave a charitable gift in their Will*, and yet, it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to give.

Wills are not just a legal means to distribute assets. They can be a powerful tool for making a difference. You don’t have to choose between your loved ones and the charities or issues that are most important to you. Your Will can offer you a way to leave a legacy for both.

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to think about how you can begin the journey of philanthropic giving – not only for your own legacy, but for your family and loved ones – through a gift in your Will. 

Let’s talk – we’d love to explore your thoughts and ideas, and truly be here to help you in your philanthropic journey.

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