Oakville Community Foundation’s Community Education Awards Hub Opens with New Indigenous Student Awards


Oakville, Ont., February 19, 2021 – The Oakville Community Foundation’s Community Education Awards Hub is now open and accepting applications for local bursaries, scholarships and awards for post-secondary students and mature students.

In its second year, the Awards Hub is opening with  new Indigenous student awards. The Miller Family Foundation Bursary is an annual $5,000 award available to six students who identify as Indigenous and live in Southern Ontario.They must be pursuing full-time post-secondary education at an accredited college or university in Canada. 

This new bursary is not the only award for Indigenous students on the Awards Hub. The Halton Learning Foundation’s $1,000 Hatch Scholarship is also available to Indigenous students pursuing education in Engineering or a closely related science program.

In total, the Awards Hub brings together more than $300,000 in educational awards, from eight local organizations and corporations, to help cover the cost of post-secondary education. Individual awards run from $500 to $5,000. Applications are completed online through the Awards Hub website and are available to students who are planning to attend post-secondary education. 

Students fill out the applications electronically which includes an “eligibility quiz” to gain access to their eligible educational awards. Each student account has its own dashboard to track an application’s progress. For local award-offering organizations, the Awards Hub allows them to manage, track and accept or reject applicants in one place. 

“In a time of virtual learning, the Community Education Awards Hub ensures students continue to have access to a number of local scholarships, bursaries and awards,” said Frances Pace, Director – Fundholder and Community Engagement at The Foundation. “We want to ensure that local students can access the many different student awards opportunities available to them in our community and that organizations can continue to offer them.”

Students can access The Awards Hub as of today by going to www.awardshub.ca and creating an account. Application deadlines vary by each organization providing the award.

Students will find applications from many local organizations including: Halton Learning Foundation, Henderson Partners LLP,  The Lions Club of Oakville, The May Court Club of Oakville, The Miller Family Foundation, Oakville Community Foundation, Oakville Rotary Clubs and the University Women’s Club of Oakville. 

Organizations or individuals that are interested in becoming a partner in the Community Education Awards Hub, free of charge, for their educational awards management can contact education@theocf.org to get started.

The Awards Hub can be accessed at www.awardshub.ca. For more information please go to www.theocf.org.


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