#WeekendReads- Our 2020 Annual Report

Welcome back to the #WeekendReads series! On Fridays the Oakville Community Foundation will share reports, data and information to help you stay informed when it comes to the community, the charitable sector and more. Click here for previous installments.

Our 2020 Annual Report Community Resiliency Through Philanthropy in Oakville” is now available on our website. Explore the highlights from the last year that include donor stories, program successes and more. This Annual Report is proof of the incredible Oakville community through times of great difficulty. We encourage you to explore the report and look back at 2020 in a positive way.

What can you expect to learn about? Here’s a few highlights!

Building A Resilient Community

Throughout 2020, it became more evident that The Foundation plays a critical role in building resilience and philanthropy in our community. The programs and initiatives we participated in are reflective of these efforts and the strength of the Oakville community as a whole. Learn more about the Charity Small Business Partnership program, GIVEOakville and the Oakville Resiliency Fund

National Programs In Oakville

As a member of Community Foundations of Canada, local foundations like ours are able to participate in national programs. These programs allow us to support our community and work with a variety of local organizations to bring these programs to life in a focused and collaborative effort to build back better. You can read about the successes of these programs including the Emergency Community Support Fund, The Fund for Gender Equality and the Investment Readiness Program.

Our grants from 2020.

Shape & Inspire Your Legacy

By working with The Foundation, you can create a legacy that outlasts your lifetime. The Foundation was honoured to work with a number of families to create Memorial Funds for their respective loved ones in 2020, as well as participate in the Canadian Association of Gift Planner’s WillPower™ Campaign. Read more about what it’s like to be a Fundholder through two donor stories focused on the importance of giving back and building a legacy in the process. 

Want to explore more? Read our complete Annual Report, click here.