10 Reasons to Give With GIVEOakville

Have you explored the GIVEOakville campaign yet? 

GIVEOakville is Oakville’s ONLY online crowdfunding campaign that features dozens of local charities that need your help this holiday season to reach their goals. The Oakville Community Foundation organizes this campaign as part of their role as a hub for community knowledge and to offer donors in Oakville and Halton the best tools and opportunities to support their charitable passions. 

To support this campaign, we asked around for the Top 10 Reasons to Give with GIVEOakville:

  1. It’s Local – every charity is Certified for Local Impact after undergoing a rigorous review by The Foundation to ensure the charity works within the Oakville and Halton community.

  2. It’s Quick – giving back has never been easier with the simplified website and donation portal. Enter your credit card information once and give to multiple charities in the same transaction.

  3. It’s Impactful – when you give through GIVEOakville, you know that you’re making a difference in the lives of neighbours and community members who are in need, with 100% of your donation going directly to the charities of your choice.

  4. It Builds Community Awareness – we bet that there are some charities you may have never heard of in the GIVEOakville campaign. Take this opportunity to explore the causes and charities that are new to you.

  5. It’s Rewarding – did you know that giving back to charity makes you feel happier? Charitable donations are known to activate the pleasure, social connection and trust areas of the brain.

  6. It’s Topped Up – The Foundation has an additional $150,000 to be prorated and added to the totals of charities that did not reach their fundraising goal, at the end of the campaign. Every single dollar counts!

  7. It’s a Teaching Moment – GIVEOakville makes it easy to donate as a family and teach your children the importance of giving. Explore the causes together to determine what your family is most passionate about.

  8. It’s Convenient – explore more than 50 charities all in one place. The GIVEOakville website features interactive charity descriptions that includes videos to help you understand the work of the charity.

  9. It Fosters Community – what better way to feel connected to your community than by helping your neighbours? GIVEOakville is a crowdfunding campaign, meaning the charities are relying on everyone to help them reach their goal.

  10. It’s a Great Holiday Gift – Not everyone needs a physical gift to feel the spirit of the holidays. Consider making a donation in honour of someone on your list and send them a complimentary eCard to let them know.

Go to www.giveoakville.com to explore the charities and give back today!

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