Oakville Community Foundation grants $10K to help resettlement of Afghan refugees by local faith community


Oakville, Ont., December 21, 2021 – The Oakville Community Foundation has granted $10,000 from the Oakville Resettlement Fund to support the resettlement efforts of Afghan refugees in Oakville.

The money will help Maple Grove United Church, Knox Presbyterian Church and Munn’s United Church sponsor one family each. It costs around $40,000 to sponsor a single refugee family and $120,000 for all three families. The sponsor is responsible for the family’s living expenses for a period of one year once they resettle in Canada.

Dollars raised will be used to pay for housing, groceries and all other living expenses. Once the family arrives, volunteers help them start their lives in Canada, including enrolling kids in school, finding work and transportation.

“The Oakville Community Foundation’s Resettlement Fund exists to support the needs of local refugee sponsorship and always accepts donations,” said Frances Pace, Director of Fundholder and Community Engagement at The Foundation. “The Fund was established during the Syrian Crisis in 2015, and today continues to provide grants to registered charities who are playing a role in refugee re-settlement needs and solutions in the Oakville and Halton community. As part of our granting efforts, we work with leading organizations in resettlement efforts to offer support and get the dollars where they’re needed most.”

Churches are responsible for a majority of non-government sponsored refugees in Canada as many are Sponsorship Agreement Holders. The process to sponsor a refugee family can be long, with applications taking up to six months and another 18-24 months before the sponsored family arrives in Canada.

The churches need to raise the full amount of money before they are able to submit an application to the government. 

“We know how to do this, but this isn’t just limited to churches. We need help from both inside and outside the church community. ” said Hugh Wanless of the Maple Grove United Church outreach committee. “Most people are aware and feel like they need to do something to help, but don’t know how. Together we can help three families have a better life in Canada.”

Maple Grove United Church has successfully settled two refugee families and are awaiting the arrival of two more families next spring. 

To donate and support the resettlement of Afghan refugees, click here.

To learn more about the Oakville Community Foundation’s Resettlement Fund, click here.


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