GIVEOakville returns with a deepened focus on LOCAL

Oakville Community Foundation launches the 2022 version of the popular crowd-funding campaign,  LOCAL IMPACT CERTIFIED

OAKVILLE  November 10, 2022: The Oakville Community Foundation is pleased to announce the start of their 2022 GIVEOakville program.

GIVEOakville is an online crowd-funding campaign for local charities based in the Town of Oakville. The 4 week-campaign sees 100% of funds raised going to local charities and programs, with The Foundation’s Top Up program returning to  “top up” charitable projects that don’t receive their full funding once the campaign has ended. 

In total, $185,000 has been ear-marked for Top Up and from that amount 15% has been allocated to BIPOC-led and gender equity-serving charities as part of The Foundation’s commitment to reduce inequalities.

This year, the initiative will give in an additional way, by recognizing people from Oakville, as well as the programs, as GIVEOakville Champions.

Said Wendy Rinella, CEO of the Oakville Community Foundation, “This year, it is important for us to acknowledge the remarkable people from our community who support GIVEOakville. They are the people who see the work The Foundation does and are very much a part of this crowd-funding campaign and its overall success. We’re calling them our ‘GIVEOakville Champs’ and we will be featuring them across our social media and in press releases, as well as some of our programs, throughout this year’s campaign.”  

One of the GIVEOakville Champs are local merchants Brenda and Paul Barrington. For them, GIVEOakville is a no-brainer. “It’s so easy to give to this initiative,” said Brenda. “First of all, all the charities and programs are vetted and all the information is there. And secondly, The Foundation adds additional funds to amplify the dollars raised during the campaign. It’s safe, secure and goes to the people who need it. GIVEOakville showcases charities and programs we would never hear about. So yes, we are proud Champs of GIVEOakville.”

The goal of the GIVEOakville CERTIFIED LOCAL IMPACT campaign is to raise 1.5 million dollars, and runs until Monday, December 12th. To become a GIVEOakville champ, click here and you may be featured in our GIVEOakville social media.

For more information on GIVEOakville and the Oakville Community Foundation, please contact

The Oakville Community Foundation is a registered charity focused on Building Community Through Philanthropy. The Foundation acts as a vehicle for community members to fulfill their charitable passions and has granted $57 million to charitable organizations since its inception. The Foundation also supports investments of more than $110 million in assets. We welcome families, businesses and residents into our community and give everyone the opportunity to be a philanthropist. The Foundation is one of the largest members of a national network of more than 190 Canadian community foundations.

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Brenda and Paul Barrington of Barrington’s