Photo: Olga Subach

Donate in support of Ukraine

With the growing crisis in the Ukraine, donations made to the Oakville Resettlement Fund will help future Ukrainian refugees in the Oakville and Halton area.

Additionally, the following organizations are providing support to specific areas of need for the Ukrainian Crisis.  If you are a Foundation Fundholder and wish to direct a grant from your Fund at The Foundation, please contact our team – or Donations can be made directly outside of an existing Fund with The Foundation, simply click on the link to the organization and follow their prompts.

If you are not a Fundholder, donations can be made directly by simply clicking on the link to the organization and follow their prompts.

Locally, two organizations that are playing a part in supporting the Ukrainian crisis are St. Volodymyr and St. Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church

Below are details on how to contact them to provide support.

St. Volodymyr :
For more information or updates on what is needed, please visit the @SVCC Oakville Facebook page. For those who wish to donate online to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis Appeal, please visit or
St. Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church:
Please check this link that provides updates on collection and needs