Emergency Community Support Fund – Acknowledgement Information

Standard Acknowledgement

Grantees who receive funding through the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) must recognize the Government of Canada and the Oakville Community Foundation in their organizational communications, web or social content, public project materials, media outreach, events and verbal remarks about the project.

The standard acknowledgement is as follows:

The [name of project or organizations] is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and the Oakville Community Foundation.

For further acknowledgement information, please see the Acknowledgement Guide here.

Logo Downloads

Click here to download the Government of Canada logo.

Click here to download the Oakville Community Foundation logo.

Additional Acknowledgement Information

  • If grantees publish content about their COVID-19 response which is funded by the ECSF on their website, include the standard recognition text above on any page where the Fund is referenced.  
  • If possible, recognize the support and collaboration on social media. Grant recipients are encouraged to acknowledge support from the Government of Canada and their local community foundation via social media channels. 
    • When posting to social media, please tag the following accounts: @CommFdnsCanada @ESDC_GC @OakvilleCF (Twitter and Instagram) @OakvilleCommunityFoundation (Facebook)
    • Use the following hashtag whenever possible: #ECSFund