The Rotherglen Children’s REACH Foundation

Rotherglen Educating for Advocacy and Creating Hope (REACH) Initiative was developed to create a vibrant social, civic and cultural experience for our Rotherglen School communities.

At the heart of the fund’s conception is the desire to foster awareness within the Rotherglen student, of their role as citizens of the world. The Rotherglen Children’s REACH Foundation was created a permanent Endowed Fund. Although established by Rotherglen School, it is a permanent asset of the Oakville Community Foundation, and the REACH community serves as benefactors, while also working to grow the fund with the end goal to support the community in times of need. The REACH Foundation provides a means for our students, supported by parents, teachers and our community partnerships, to shape and give direction to our charitable initiatives. Our goal is to encourage children to be active citizens, instilling a sense of gratitude, charity, citizenship, responsibility, leadership, and empowerment. The REACH Foundation will teach all our students that even the youngest can be impactful.
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