Get To Know Micah Angela!

Micah Angela is currently the Oakville Community Foundation’s Communications Intern who was hired to design our upcoming Sense of Belonging report! Joining the team at the beginning of March, Micah has been hard at work designing new materials and crafting out our latest report.  

Micah was born in the Philippines, where she has fond memories of her childhood, saying she spent her time running around her grandparent’s farm or visiting the beach. She moved with her family to Canada at the age of nine and has a Bachelor of Arts from X University (formerly Ryerson University) in Interior Design. 

After graduating, Micah turned her creative skills to production design, stating, “it’s like interior design but with no rules!” She calls it the perfect escape.

She currently lives in North York with her family and is the youngest of three children. She attributes her creative nature to her father. Her older brother is an architect whereas her sister gets her administrative instincts from their mother, who works in business. 

Micah is excited for the opportunity to work in the non-profit sector saying, “It’s always a humbling experience to be able to help build something that will create an impact and serve a greater purpose.”

As for her future career, she hopes for something that will allow her to manifest her ideas and work with other creatives. She says she would love to direct her own productions whether that be music videos or short films.

Outside of the office, Micah can be found spending time with her friends. They love to go out, but most times you can find them staying in either listening to music, working on arts and crafts or having dance parties. Lately, Micah says their favourite activity to do together is watching reality television. Her favourite TV show is Mr. Robot and she credits any Wes Anderson film as her movie of choice, but particularly Moonrise Kingdom. 

We are all very excited for you to see the projects Micah has been working on for The Foundation and can’t wait to see her directing her creative adventures in the near future!