Get To Know Saher Mirza!

Saher Mirza is The Foundation’s Office and Administrative Coordinator and the newest member of our team! She is responsible numerous administrative duties in the office, along with supporting our database management and assisting with Foundation events.

Saher was born and raised in the Middle East, but her family is originally from the northern part of India. Many of her extended family still live there, residing in Srinagar. Saher has lived in Canada for the past eighteen years and currently resides in Milton with her parents.

Saher has been in the field of office administration for the past five years, allowing her a diversity of work and experiences.  She took on a role in the non-profit sector to make a difference, she says. “I have always had a passion for helping people and wanting to make a difference (however small) in this world. I also have a soft spot for helping charities that support grassroots movements advocating for important and noble causes, based on some personal experiences.”

Saher is the middle child of three-children. Her older brother is in Investment Banking and her younger sister is finishing her third year of Medical Residency in Burlington, Vermont. Both of her parents are retired doctors, her mother was a gynecologist and her father was a patient safety officer.

Outside of the office, you can find Saher taking long walks or reading books. She has many favourite shows and movies, but her all-time favourites feature Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender. Saher does not presently have any pets, but has a love of cats and hopes to adopt one in the future. She has already picked out the name Sandy for her future pet.

In the future, Saher would like to go back to school and obtain her postgraduate degree in office management. She is a big believer in the following quote, which she said deeply resonates with her. We hope it resonates with you too!

“The only valuable thing you can leave behind in this world is not your wealth, or your status, but a legacy dedicated to helping people who have less than you. So be kind and be good. Even if someone stoops very low, you should still always choose to rise above and beyond it every single time”.