GIVEOakville Resources for Charities

We are pleased to share with you the Amplification Package for GIVEOakville 2023. This is to help you and your communications team get the most out of the GIVEOakville campaign. 

We have gathered all the resources you will need on this webpage:

  • The Amplification Package.
  • Logo for GIVEOakville and Certified for Local Impact Insignia.
  • Social Media Posts for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Social Media Shareables to accompany your social media posts.
  • A PDF List of each charities unique URL  (to be made available on November 13th)

Click here for the Amplification Package for 2023.

  • GIVEOakville “Certified Local” Insignia


Prior to Launch:

Starting on Nov 13th, we will be included in @OakvilleCF’s #GIVEOakville! This online crowd-funding platform includes local Oakville charities, all with the goal to continue to serve the [insert cause you serve] in our community. Stay tuned for our unique donation URL coming soon!

We are so excited to announce that [insert your charity name here] will be included in @OakvilleCF’s #GIVEOakville Guide. This online donor platform opens on Nov 13th! We hope you’ll consider us in your end of year giving. Stay tuned for more details soon!

You can help us to reach our goals this holiday season. Through GIVEOakville, you can be assured that 100% of your donation will come to us PLUS your donation will be eligible to be “topped-up” by the Oakville Community Foundation. Click [Insert your custom URL here] to donate to our program. Thank you for considering us in your end of year giving!


From November 13 to December 11:

From November 13 until December 11, we at [insert your charity name here], are part of @OakvilleCF’s #GIVEOakville! GIVEOakville is an online crowd-funding platform where donors can support their favourites through one all-access platform. Help us reach our goal by donating today : URL

#GIVEOakville has officially launched for 2023! GIVE is looking for your support so local charities, like us, can reach our funding goals this holiday season. 100% of your donation will come to us PLUS your donation is eligible to be topped-up by The Foundation. Donate today: URL

@OakvilleCF’s GIVEOakville has officially launched! We’re proud to be listed in the Guide alongside other local charities who are serving vulnerable populations in our community. Donate Now: URL

Don’t forget, #GIVEOakville closes on December 11! You can help us to reach our goal by donating and sharing with your network. 100% of your donation will come to us. guaranteed: URL

We are excited to be included in @OakvilleCF’s #GIVEOakville! Our fundraising goal can only be made possible by generous donations from people like you. The Foundation covers all credit card fees, ensuring your donations go straight to helping charities in our community. Donate here: URL.


GIVEOakville Coming to A Close:

Don’t forget that #GIVEOakville is coming to a close this week! We’re so close to meeting our goal, but we need your help in order to get there. 100% of your donation will be directed to us! Donate today: URL

Help us to meet our goal before #GIVEOakville closes this week! Donate now: URL

Charity URL’s list.

These are available on your individual charity page through the GIVEOakville Guide.