“Nii jii”: A Poem by Gimaa R. Stacey Laforme

I am not a cause
I am not absolution
Yes, there is a wrong to right
A history to correct
But I am not a thing of pity
Nor am I a pillar of virtue
I am a part of this world
That makes us a part of each other 

Walk with me, take my hand
See the world as I see the world
Understand as I understand
Let us learn from each other, of each other
Laugh with me, cry with me
Fight for me, fight with me
Pray with me, pray for me
Face this world with me
Let us walk side by side
Let us rejoice in the light
Or be there when the dark claims me
Whatever tomorrow may bring
Let us walk together
Let us face it side by side
The first step is to know me 

Allies, friends? Perhaps
My allies don’t cheer from their stools
They do not shake my hand and forget me
Friends don’t stand aside, when I stand up for what’s right
My allies do not view the color of my skin
They must see past this to my heart 

Allyship is not an end, it is a beginning
An understanding that must welcome all
A voice for the future, for our people, for our children, for our planet
We must raise consciousness and awaken others
This is a journey, a challenge
At its core it is about understanding, uniting, it is about love 

Stand with me, take my hand
Let truth emerge from the heart and spirit
A commitment that shall not break nor wither with age
But only grow stronger in time
Let us build on our promise, heal wounds and change our world 

I promise, to be better, to do better
I promise, to love honor and care for our mother the earth
I promise, to protect the land, the water, the sky and all things under, on and above
I promise, to ensure our children grow up and do not live under the shadow of violence
I promise, to embrace the things in life that make you and I different
I promise, that I will love you even though I may not know you
All this in front of the world, from my heart and soul, in front of the creator
I promise 

Now we begin
My friend, my ally 

                                           Gimaa R. Stacey Laforme