The Fund for Gender Equality

The Oakville Community Foundation is proud to be part of the Fund for Gender Equality, which provides funding to local organizations that support women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender-diverse individuals who are working towards a future grounded in equity, inclusion and justice.

The Fund for Gender Equality is part of a five-year initiative to advance gender equality in Canada, led by our national organization Community Foundations of Canada and the Equality Fund, with support from the Government of Canada. As a member of Community Foundations of Canada, there are many opportunities, like this one, afforded to us to bring national philanthropy to a local level.

Women’s organizations and movements throughout Canada, and across the world, are demanding equality and driving transformation in all facets of life. In Canada today, women, girls and trans Canadians continue to face barriers and discrimination of all types. In fact, Canada currently ranks #11 among all countries for women’s equality and general well-being.

The Foundation initially took part in the Pilot Fund for Gender Equality in February of this year, bringing this national fund to our local organizations that are directly advancing gender equality.

With the funding provided, we were able to support five organizations including: Sheridan College’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Commission event; The Women’s Centre of Halton’s Women’s Empowerment Workshops; SAVIS’ Voice of Change, Advocacy and Leadership; the Oakville Public Library’s Creating Gender Equity Through Education and Visibility; and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton’s Girls Linking Our Worlds.

The Pilot Fund was a learning opportunity as community foundations and local organizations came together to explore ways to support leadership in the women’s movement and advance gender equality in all communities.

The Foundation is now one of 20 community foundations throughout Canada taking part in the second phase of the Fund for Gender Equality. We are currently working to distribute $140,000 to charitable organizations whose mission, activities or partnerships are focused on advancing gender equality.

To ensure a just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it needs to be a feminist recovery. It has never been more important or pressing to invest in women and gender equality than it is right now. The goal with this fund is to shift the power into the hands of women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender-diverse individuals by supporting their leadership and engagement in community initiatives. 

The Foundation is proud to be a partner in this unique program. As a registered charity with more than 25 years of experience, we recognize the importance of being able to provide a vehicle for community members to fulfill their charitable passions. If this is of interest to you, please reach out and we’d be happy to share how we can help you support Home Suite Hope now and in the future.