What is a Community Foundation?

Is the idea of a community foundation new to you? Are you wondering what we’re all about?

Community foundations are organizations seeking to make long-term and meaningful philanthropy in a defined geographic area.

Local donors who want to make donations or establish a foundation, including families, individuals, businesses, and nonprofit groups, can establish funds within community foundations. Those funds are then pooled to create an “endowment”: the capital is invested, and the gains are used to support ongoing grantmaking.

Community foundations take a leadership role in identifying a community’s challenges and pressing needs. We serve as storehouses of research, funds, and information about impact. And we provide grants to support effective nonprofit organizations.

This model is long-term and flexible enough to respond to the changing needs of a community; when problems are solved, we can move on to address emerging needs.


How can a community foundation help you?

Working with a community foundation makes sense if you care about your community and want to invest in both its present and future prosperity. It’s a way to allow future generations to share in your values and benefit from the opportunities you’ve supported or created.

Working with a community foundation is about creating your legacy by impacting your community for years to come. Together, we can ensure a better future.

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