When there’s a Will, there’s a way.

Here’s how you can get started on leaving your legacy today. Planned Giving. It sounds, well, planned. But how do you get started so that you have the planned part of your giving in place? You don’t need to be a financial planning wizard, and it won’t require a huge financial investment to get started […]

How Do You Want to be Remembered?

What matters most in my life? How do I want to be remembered when I’m gone? Has this Pandemic caused you to think about these questions? They have for me. I don’t think I ever imagined at my age – I’m not even 60 – I’d experience something this unsettling. This pandemic has really given […]

What is Our Role in Social Justice?

Written by: Wendy Rinella, CEO and Brian Hanna, Chair of the Board of Directors This is a question we, and we are sure others who lead organizations, have been thinking about a lot lately, prompted by the Black Lives Matter protests as well as police violence towards Indigenous Canadians and people of colour. We are […]

Community Building Through the Community Education Awards Hub

In February,  The Foundation introduced the Community Education Awards Hub, a brand new portal that allows students who are post-secondary bound the ability to access awards from local organizations, entirely online. With the announcement of public school closures until at least the end of May, it appears that this portal came just in time. Local […]

Appreciating our Community Volunteers for National Volunteer Week

We are so lucky to live in a community with many  dedicated and supportive individuals. Now more than ever we have seen the resiliency of the human spirit and we are amazed by the amount of people who have come forward to offer their help to our local community.  During this global health crisis, there […]

Community Building at a time of Social Distancing

Dear Community Foundation Fundholders, Agencies, Charity Partners and Volunteers Like many of us I find myself in a different situation than I thought I would be earlier this week. I was looking forward to a week of skiing during spring break with my family and friends. Now like other businesses and organizations, we are focused […]

Fun Ways to Stay Connected to Our Community

Oakville Community Foundation March 25, 2020 Many of us are used to being out and about in the community. On any given day we’re going out to local restaurants, stores, parks and trails. In this time of increased physical isolation – as a way to take part in social distancing – it’s difficult not to […]

Five Ways We Can Help Our Community

Oakville Community Foundation March 19, 2020 During this time of uncertainty, we want to share a list of five different ways we can help those in our community. Do you know of other ways to help the community? Let us know on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! 1. Continue to Donate to Local Charities Donating […]

Ways to Give: Technology as a Community Asset

Technology has a direct impact on the way people make their donations, which is why the Oakville Community Foundation has been on the path of digitization. The Foundation sees technology as a strong community asset, making it easier, faster and more comprehensive for people to give and interact with philanthropy. As a result, we have […]

Funding Solutions: Discovering Community Needs

We get it; Oakville has a reputation, but that reputation doesn’t tell the full story “I don’t know what the needs are in Oakville – it’s a really safe, affluent community.”  “I’ve lived here all my life, and I’ve never seen a homeless person on our streets. We just don’t have this problem.”  These are […]