2022 Annual Report

Welcome to our 2022 Annual Report. To read the stories listed below simply click the titles. To find the PDF version of the printed report in digital format, Click here.

2022 in review

2022 began with the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February. While this military aggression was a world away, refugee
resettlement became a local priority.

Together, with many local residents and Fundholders, we were able to connect resources with local faith and resettlement groups to support local needs. We are truly at our best when we’re helping one another and we saw that plainly in the way the community put forth resources to help with the dramatic increase in Ukrainian refugees.

In the spring we returned to a hybrid working office and held our first in person event in over two years. Our Annual General Meeting at the Oakville Public Library was held in conjunction with a Debwewin event. Our partnership with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation to further our shared understanding of Oakville’s Indigenous past and support local Truth & Reconciliation placed Treaty Signage throughout the Town and launched a website, an Ally Leadership Council and an Allyship campaign. As Elder Peter Schuler advises: “What better place to seek the truth than your own local community?”

In the fall, the Belonging and Racial Identity in Halton report was released. This research began after the murder of George Floyd in 2020. It sought to better understand how racialized individuals felt about their place in this community. The Report lays out some strategies to enable a greater sense of belonging for everyone. Along with the report, a Sheridan graduate and filmmaker turned the findings into Community Classroom videos for use in Halton schools.

On reflection, The Foundation has brought a local lens to national and international issues like the Ukrainian invasion, Truth and Reconciliation and racial equity. We also brought many national granting programs to provide more funding to our local charities.

Throughout the entire year, we were grateful to be able to reconnect with our Fundholders through a number of in-person events and celebrations including the unveiling of the new North Oakville information kiosk dedicated to the memory of Christopher Lockwood. We also ended the year recognizing four deserving Adrian Coote Volunteer Award Recipients during our Holiday Celebration.

Our investment returns posted strong results of 4.6% during the fourth quarter of 2022. The portfolio was -3.4% for the year as a whole, but has consistently performed in the 1st quartile for balanced funds according to both the Global Manager Research (GMR) and Mercer reports. The Foundation granted $4.3 million and, along with our charitable activities, The Foundation’s total disbursements was 7.2%, more than double the 3.5% Disbursement Quota mandated by the government.

Keep reading through our 2022 Annual Report to see our financial highlights and learn about many of the year’s exciting initiatives.

Thank you to our staff, committee and board members, volunteers
and Fundholders for their tireless work in making Oakville a community where no one is left behind.

Looking Back at 2022

Winter 2022

Community Classroom
Community Classroom launched for another year of new content, including two live stream performances by Susan Aglukark as well as a performance of Visions of Turtle Island. There were 19 interactive videos and an invitation to take part in the first ever Gimaa’s Allyship Poetry Contest. 

Community Education Awards Hub
Eight local students received nearly $30k in scholarships, bursaries and educational awards through the Alexander and Bernice DeMaio Education Award and the Miller Family Foundation Bursary. 

Debwewin: The Oakville Truth Project Launches
The launch of the Debwewin: The Oakville Truth project marked the start of a a journey towards healing relationships, sharing truths, listening to the knowledge being shared and doing our part to redress past harms.

Enable Education
Together with Enable Education, The Foundation launched a new diversity, equity and inclusion online course to help reduce inequities in our community. This tool has been shared with more than 100 local organizations for use by their staff, board and volunteers.

Canada Healthy Communities Initiative
This federal granting program saw another $2.39 million being distributed through the Golden Horseshoe Hub to transform public spaces in response to COVID-19.

Spring & Summer 2022

Gimaa’s Allyship Poetry Contest
Following our Annual General Meeting, four students were recognized for their artistic achievement in Gimaa’s Allyship Poetry Contest. The students performed their work during the Debwewin: The Truth of the Land performance.

Reconciliation, Equity, Anti-Racism Statement
In June, The Foundation released our Statement after a year of consultation. It was accompanied by a list of the work we have undertaken to represent our vision of A Community Where No One is Left Behind. 

Grants to Support Ukraine
With the growing crisis in Ukraine, The Foundation encouraged donations to the Oakville Resettlement Fund. Later that year, The Foundation granted $12,500 to support Ukrainian newcomers as they arrived in Canada and settled in Halton. An additional $46,000 was granted through GIVEOakville.

On periodic Fridays throughout the year, The Foundation explored 2021 Census releases, specific to Oakville and Halton, looking at topics such as changing demographics, housing and shelter, racialized individuals and more.

Fall 2022

Grateful Treaty Person and Acts of Allyship Campaign
Community members gathered at Sheridan College for The Debwewin Workshop to launch a campaign, marking Treaty Recognition Week. The campaign encouraged individuals and organizations to sign a commitment to Truth & Allyship and engage in acts of allyship to propel reconciliation forward across the community.

Women’s Giving Collective
The Collective celebrated its fourth year during its annual Person’s Day Event and the first year of a new multi-year grant agreement with the Halton Youth Collective to support youth transitioning out of care of the Halton Children’s Aid Society.

Belonging and Racial Identity in Halton
Nearly two years before its publication, discussions began around building a community report to explore what could be done to better provide racialized members of the community with a greater sense of inclusion and belonging. Two videos were created by award-winning media production company Falling Motion to present the findings to students.

The Foundation was pleased to announce that GIVEOakville 2022 raised $686,000 for local impact, thanks to community and Fundholder support. The campaign saw a record number 68 charitable projects seeking support. Among them, 12 received full funding.

Thank you to our sponsors for all their support.